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pole precision is a South East London pole dancing school. We provide exceptional training for all levels of pole fitness & flexibility training, at affordable prices.

"I'm really happy I found a pole fit class where the teacher always makes me feel comfortable and always encourages me to try again and again".

"Pole Precision's pole fit classes are an entire body workout. The teaching methods are clear and simple and the classes are lots of fun".

about us

at pole precision

We believe that Pole dancing is the perfect form of exercise for men and women from all ages, sizes and fitness levels. In our class, you can expect to burn more calories and fat than alternative strength training methods and you will sculpt your entire body. You will definitely develop firmer arms, more defined shoulders and back and abs to be proud of.

All our teachers are trained YMCA Studio Dance Instructors, REPS accredited and fully insured. They, also have a solid background in dance performance and health and fitness, They are the best teachers in the business and they will teach you truly inspirational tricks, links and routines, from total beginners to advanced students.

We have developed our own unique, tested and proven training programme that enables all our students to link tricks and dance moves after your first lesson unlike any other pole school.

the evolution of pole dancing

Over the last 10 years there has been a radical transformation and pole dancing is now not solely perceived as a provocative dance with sexual tones, it has evolved in to a truly athletic dance form. We think Pole dancing at its national and international level is as challenging as any world class gymnastic performance.

Pole dancing is an amazing art form and its athleticism and skill should be revered. We are now at a stage where the pole dancing community are pushing for Olympic status but we are still a little way off.

the evolution of pole dancing

This is a pretty phenomenal evolution and there are two obvious influences that have made pole dancing what it is today. The first major influence is the circus act of 'chinese Pole' dating from 1914. Chinese pole artists use vertical poles, which are generally between 3 and 9 metres in height and approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter. The main difference with the Chinese poles; is that they are covered with rubber to improve grip and the Chinese pole artists are usually fully clothes to avoid painful burn marks on the skin. Many techniques are similar to pole dance but the performance is less fluid.

The second influence is a style of acrobatic yoga called 'Mallakhamb'. This dates from the 12th century in India and it is essentially yoga practiced on a wooden pole or rope. The wooden pole variation is a vertical wooden pole made from teak or sheesham standing at 2.6 meters is fixed in the ground and the artist performs various acrobatic feats and yoga poses while hanging on the pole.


why we're different

Who wants to share a pole with 3, 4 or 5 other students? Well, we don't. Unlike 99% of our competitors, we offer two options on our courses. Either; to share a pole with one other student or to have your very own pole. We made this decision because it is the most effective way for you to get fitter, stronger and to gain confidence quickly and we only teach small group classes with a maximum of 8 students per teacher.

We'll help you to develop a dance style that you feel comfortable with because we know that feeling like a plonker is not conducive to enjoying your lesson! So, If you feel more comfortable moving in a more gymnastic style or a dance style with influences of salsa, ballet, street or R and B, we'll get you there.

taster sessions and venues

We only use xpoles (xperts) We provide all diameters including the latest 40mm model, The ceiling heights in our venues are over 3 meters tall and all our venues have mirrors which is crucial for the development of your dance skills.

Our lessons are fun, unintimidating and taught by down to earth teachers who make the whole experience exhilarating and fun.

We feel so convinced about our unique teaching methods and class atmosphere that we offer all our students a chance to have a one to one taster session for only £15 with our head teacher.

"The tutors at pole Precision have taken me from a hesitant beginner to being able smoothly perform complicated and challenging routines. I love the choreographed work as they understand the style of dance that I want to achieve".

what we offer

We welcome everyone. There is no limit to age, fitness level or size and we have a wide range of students in all shapes and sizes and both male and female. We will teach you how to link moves and dance from your first lesson, improving your confidence dramatically.

We'll help you to build up your upper body strength step by step in a safe environment. We remember what's its like to be a beginner and we know we have the best teaching tools to get you where you need to be.

We offer private lessons from £35 per hour, or small group classes for beginners from £80 to £100 for a five week course.

We teach in areas that cover brixton, herne hill, peckham, crystal Palace, beckenham and sydenham with more courses coming to new venues soon.

"pole precision's tutors are fantastic. They turn a big challenge into a fun sport and provide encouragement and support".

There is always room for improvement no matter how much previous experience you have. We have the skills to make you a more confident and technically competent dancer because as teachers we are continually training and learning new moves to pass on to our students as well as our own signature combos and spins. We also hold pole specific flexibility classes so you can get in to those advanced poses. Please call or email us for more information... Some intermediate and advanced pole moves that we teach include handsprings with twisted grip, shoulder mounts and flips, knee hold combinations, superman flips to scorpio, caterpillar to ayesha, jade and allegra as well as elbow Grip spins, reverse grab spins to ballerina and pretzels.

Intermediate and Advanced courses cost between £80 and £100 for a 5 week course. Our private lessons are £35 per hour. Block booking discounts are available if 5 lessons purchased.

Pole dancing for men or (vertical strength as we call it) is not just for women. Men can be superb on the pole because of their natural upper body strength. It's been clear to us for sometime that men love pole dancing for fitness and fun as much as women (when the initial preconceptions have been dispelled).

We have formulated a vertical class for men only. The classes more focused on gymnastic style of pole techniques more in keeping with 'Mallakhamb' and 'chinese pole'. Our male classes focus on strength tricks and the acrobatics of the pole. This will improve your co-ordination, fitness levels, strength and muscle tone.

"Its like going to the gym but half as much effort and twice as much fun".

We offer a wide range of parties including hen parties, birthday parties, christmas parties and corporate parties. These are generally held at 'The Dance Studio' SE19 3RW in crystal palace on saturday afternoons. We work with you to provide an ideal theme music and atmosphere. We can also organise a personalised gift card inviting your friends to your special event.

Our clients usually like us to demonstrate our pole skills, then it's time for your party to learn the fun of pole. There are easy transport links from crystal palace to central London or just stay in the area and enjoy lots of great bars and restaurants.

Prices are £25 per person, with a minimum of 8 students attending. A non refundable deposit of 50% must be paid to book your party and the balance is required on the day.

Please call us for a quote as prices are dependent on each individual requirement.

Pole dancing is a great way to get back in to shape after having a baby but we ask you to wait at least 10 weeks after giving birth. The reason for this is because your body releases a hormone called Relaxin which is still in high quantities in your body after giving birth. Relaxin is a hormone that enables your body to to pliable enough to give birth. If you still have a large amount of relaxin in your body strenuous exercise like pole dancing could mean that your joints will still be unstable and holding the body weight from your arms is not advisable. You could over stretch your ligaments and tendons and surgery may be the only way of giving the ligaments stability again.

When you've had your baby, start exercising gently by taking brisk walks and building up to light resistance weight training. Pole dancing should not be a new mums first attempt at exercising, however after 10 weeks of giving birth, we'd love to help you achieve your fitness, dance and toning goals.

Unfortunately we are not able to teach you pole dancing while you are pregnant.

Bulk buy 5 one to one lessons for £150 saving you £25
Bulk buy 5 two to one lessons for £200 saving you £50

"The one to one lessons are great as my teacher caters to my individual needs. Every week I like to have different objectives; whether it is a choreographed routine to my choice of music or to spend time on a particular link or trick".

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Our 5 week courses cost between £80 and £100 (£80 if you share a pole with one other person, £100 for your own pole). 

Places are limited and a £40 deposit is required to reserve your place. The remaining balance needs to be paid at the start of the first lesson.

£35 per hour for an hours private tuition at our Peckham studio. Discounts available if 5 sessions are bought in a block.

£45 per hour for private tuition for 2 students. Discounts available if 5 sessions are bought in a block.

£15 for a one-to-one taster session.

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course options
what to wear

We ask you to wear, shorts in a material that will enable you to move and a t-shirt. The shorts must be short enough so that you can grip the pole with your thighs, if you wear leggings or tack suit bottoms you won't be able to grip on the pole and an accident could happen.

what to wear

No one likes dry skin but it's very important that you do not apply moisturiser on the day of your pole lesson as moisturiser leaves a greasy residue on the skin which is very dangerous when pole dancing. Please only apply moisturiser the evening before your pole lesson.

what to wear

For foot wear, it's best to practice in bare feet and later on heels if you wish. Rings and jewelery are a bad idea on the pole, they could get damaged and they could damage the pole too.


pole precision

Phone: 07908 122855
Email: beccie@poleprecision.com
Peckham studio (SE15 2EQ)
Brockwell Lido (SE24 0PA)
Crystal Palace (SE19 3RW)
The Bridge (SE26 5AQ)